Welcome Message

It is my great pride that I welcome you to Stamford School.

We are committed to provide high quality and holistic education to motivate students to achieve their highest potential and prepare them to become life-long learners who will exercise sense of responsibility and leadership in school and the community.  As a school we value the collaborative effort among the parents, students, teachers and the school management to create a positive environment whereby students can learn to be successful and feel valued and appreciated.

We are proud of our academic performance but, education here means so much more than the pursuit of top marks. Community service, educational trips, sports, music and arts are all vital to the balanced programme we offer at Stamford, and we are aware of our commitment to prepare our students to become future leaders and make their way in the world as confident, competent, respectful, caring and responsible citizens.

Our website is designed to give you an insight into the way in which our school operates, how our school is organised and to appreciate the exciting and meaningful learning opportunities that we offer to our students.

We look forward to working with you to ensure the very best learning for your children and helping them achieve their aspirations for the future.


Stamford School’s Principal