Vincent Yohanes (楊智達) , Junior College 2 (AY 2016/2017), Top IGCSE Achiever 2015, Top AS Level Achiever 2016.

Being enrolled in Stamford School for the past 3 years has been a major life changing experience for me. All of the teachers, classmates, and schoolmates I have met over the years have all made a huge impact in shaping me into the person I am today. The school’s friendly social environment has also made me more confident in myself and in communicating with others.

All of the teachers were very friendly, helpful and supportive both inside and outside the classroom. Whenever I felt discouraged and unmotivated due to the failures I have experienced over the years, all of my teachers have never failed to give me advice and encourage me to continue working hard. They made me believe that with hard work and determination, I can excel in anything and be the best that I can be.

Having spent a total of 3 years in Stamford’s IGCSE  &  A-Level programme, I have been able to develop a wider and deeper understanding of my subjects and crucial critical thinking skills that will surely aid me in my further studies and later in life. In reference to the rigorous curricula, wide array of subjects offered, and the high quality of teaching provided by the teachers and the school, I am confident in saying that Stamford School offers one of the best IGCSE and A-Level programmes in all of Bandung.

I am truly thankful of and will always remember the lifelong friends (schoolmates, teachers and even staff), and the unforgettable memories that I have made during my stay in Stamford School. I will always be proud to call myself a Stamfordian and will always be proud to call Stamford my Alma Mater.