Mommy Lany, Clayton K2 & Clifford K1 Class of 2014-2015

When Clayton first joined the Pre-Nursery class at Stamford, for the first few months, he was always crying. He needed time to adapt. He was very interested in “Letterland”, a fun way to learn phonics. Then, he joined several events and has won several trophies. He joined the English and Chinese Storytelling competition every year. Clayton has become more confident and can speak English and Mandarin. In K2, Clayton joins the enrichment classes such as Kinder Sports, Kinder Explorer and Kinder Marching Band. His brother Clifford also joined Stamford from Pre-Nursery. He is an easy-going boy and never complained about school. Clifford also joined the English Storytelling Competition every year. Clifford has become more independent and even though he is the youngest in class, he can follow the lessons well.

Mommy Hellena, Haidar, K1 Class of 2014-2015

When Haidar was in a daycare in Kuwait, he was not comfortable. He barely spoke and did not have friends either. We did sessions therapy but they did not seem to work. Here at Stamford, he has made a lot of progress. He starts to speak English aside from Arabic. He has improved socially. He is much happier and confident. He starts to read and write – not yet perfect, of course. But it makes us so proud. He is even willing to teach his brother, Hamza who is in Pre-Nursery class! Thanks to all the Preschool teachers here who have helped him patiently.

Mommy Kiky, Georgia, K1 Class of 2014-2015

My daughter has learned so much, both academically and socially. We noticed an immediate difference in her social skills, maturity and learning. She is happy to go to school. She loves her teachers, and she has made many new friends. She sings the songs at home. She always amazes me with the new things that she is learning at school. Wow! Thanks to all the teachers.

Mommy Natasha, Luna K2 Class of 2014-2015

I am a very proud mom because my child has much more advanced knowledge in English, Mathematics and some other fields. She also comes to Stamford School happy and with great determination. She is happy to meet her friends and teachers! Thanks to the teacher of K2 for all that she has done for my child!

Odilia Rosalin Sugita (Class of 2009-2010)

All of the teachers and staff at Stamford are just like my family. I miss spending time with them. I will always cherish the unforgettable moments like the Science and Maths Day, Murder Mystery Party, field trips, and of course singing in my class band.

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