Ilisha Barki, Secondary 4, 2016

Stamford, as my alma mater, is a place of many laughs for me. My time here had been both fruitful and character-building, and I would not want my experiences to be held anywhere else. The few hard times I went through are now remembered as nothing but bumps in the road, thanks to the great support I received from teachers and friends alike. Some say secondary school is where the transition between childhood and adulthood really starts, and if that’s true then I went through these years with a smile. As a happy chapter of my life draws to a close, I’m glad to know that I’ll be facing the future as better person than when I first arrived here. Thank you, Stamford.

Tanya Gandhi, Stamford School Scholar, Secondary 4, 2016

On a bright sunny day in July 2009, I walked into the building I call my Alma Mater. Ever since then, I went home with a new box of knowledge every single day. My teachers picked me up when I fell and restored my confidence every time failure had put me down. Stamford is not only a place of study but also a place where one can learn lessons that would help them through life: how to communicate, be amongst different cultures, use skills to the fullest and most importantly make most of the opportunities you have in life. I am surely thankful for the opportunity to be able to attend the second ever Asian African Student’s Conference in year 2015. I am proud to be a Stamfordian and I shall always aspire to make my school proud of me.

Ms. Laimy, Mother of Neil from P4, 2016

Stamford school achieves the balance which most of us parents aspires to; providing a warm family atmosphere, whilst maintaining discipline, respect & assisting our child reach his full potential.  My son, Neil, has spent 4 wonderful years in Stamford School where he has been consistently growing,  academically & socially.  The teachers & the staff are amazing  – always warm & welcoming.  I am proud that my son is a Stamfordian.  Best wishes to the school and thank you to all the teachers and staff for their continual guidance & support.

Jocelyn Ardelia Kusnandar, Primary 6, 2016

Stamford is not just a school, but it’s a place where dreams come true. For in dreams, anything is possible, but if u want to make this dream of yours come true, you have to learn to achieve it. Thank you teachers for teaching me in this past eight years and for giving me the best knowledge any children could get. I will and forever will be a Stamfordian.

Ms. Novita Fincencia Johanas, Mother of Kenzi (P6) and Kylie (P3), 2016

Dear teachers, staff and all valued stamfordians,

I cant believe how fast years go by… I remember the day I sign up my son and daughter in Stamford, they are nothing but ordinary kids, but  It means so much to me that our children have a place that they treasured and welcome every day. 

The teachers & staff really nurture the special qualities in each and every child. You are able to see our child quietly blossom into their own unique being. It is a beautiful thing to witness and I feel so grateful that my children are able to benefit from Stamford learning environment. 

A life changing experience that they get in Stamford is truly impressive. How you appreciate small idea, how you make the parents involved and how you make dream become reality is “Fun”tastic ^_^

This is not only about milestones, its about the moments of treasure… Thank you.

Ms. Anu, Mother of Nandhu Sec 3 and Sana Pri 4, 2016

Both my kids are at Stamford for the past seven years.I am very confident that my kids are at the right place for their education because of the dedicated team of teachers. Right from the beginning I have trusted  the teachers for helping my kids and motivating them to work harder. I have recommended Stamford to many of my friends just for one reason….that is, as a parent whenever I have any problem I can always count on the management, principal and teachers to give me a positive solution. I wish Stamford all the success in future.

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