Ms Wina Paramasti, proud mother of Danya Desideria (K2), 2018

One year ago (just 2 month after Danya started in Stamford), Mrs Seda asked me to sign Danya in the story telling competition to build her confidence and for her experience. Back then, she froze up on the stage. Not a single word came out of her mouth. It was not only a learning opportunity for Danya, but also for us as her parents on how to handle this quite emotional process.. building her confidence.

Along the way, her transformation was easily seen by everyone. And when people ask me about her transformation, i always answer that this is simply how she is, but back then she wasn’t able to show it to anyone. Only in Stamford where she finally found a place to comfortably bloom into her 100% potential. Not just a place, but a second family who tries so hard day-in day-out, to understand her, support her, encourage her, and give her lots of opportunity to shine. That is what Stamford is for us, a second family.. where she chooses (yes, we never force her) to spend half of her day with.

And today, we are overwhelmed with joy, knowing that our little beebo has placed 1st in this year’s story telling competition. We are very proud but yet humbled by this achievement. A triumph that can only be made by the support of all the beloved stamfordians.

We thank you Florentina Sunaryo, MJ Luyon, Aireen Rañon Seda, Marites Solis, Noeria Meilani, Yunz Rovy, Manda Puspa L, Carolyn Sulaeman, Jay Raj, Elo Ebora, and all other stamfordians..

And last but foremost important, Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.. for none of this will not happen without His willing..


Taken from Ms Wina Paramasti’s Facebook post. Thank you for the heartwarming testimonial.