Ms. Novita Fincencia Johanas, Mother of Kenzi (P6) and Kylie (P3), 2016

Dear teachers, staff and all valued stamfordians,

I cant believe how fast years go by… I remember the day I sign up my son and daughter in Stamford, they are nothing but ordinary kids, but  It means so much to me that our children have a place that they treasured and welcome every day. 

The teachers & staff really nurture the special qualities in each and every child. You are able to see our child quietly blossom into their own unique being. It is a beautiful thing to witness and I feel so grateful that my children are able to benefit from Stamford learning environment. 

A life changing experience that they get in Stamford is truly impressive. How you appreciate small idea, how you make the parents involved and how you make dream become reality is “Fun”tastic ^_^

This is not only about milestones, its about the moments of treasure… Thank you.