Mommy Lany, Clayton K2 & Clifford K1 Class of 2014-2015

When Clayton first joined the Pre-Nursery class at Stamford, for the first few months, he was always crying. He needed time to adapt. He was very interested in “Letterland”, a fun way to learn phonics. Then, he joined several events and has won several trophies. He joined the English and Chinese Storytelling competition every year. Clayton has become more confident and can speak English and Mandarin. In K2, Clayton joins the enrichment classes such as Kinder Sports, Kinder Explorer and Kinder Marching Band. His brother Clifford also joined Stamford from Pre-Nursery. He is an easy-going boy and never complained about school. Clifford also joined the English Storytelling Competition every year. Clifford has become more independent and even though he is the youngest in class, he can follow the lessons well.