Johanna Kumala, Secondary 4, 2016

Stamford School is a really nice place to study, really friendly classmates, dedicated teacher; how else can that make our school life more beautiful than ever? Stamford School offers a wide range of subjects for IGCSE; however, there are times wherein i doubt that we’ll use it in real life, but after finishing most of my IGCSEs i realised that it’s actually worth the time and effort. I’ve come to realise that it prepared me to be able to solve harder problems in life. It’s been a crazy 2 years of preparing for the IGCSE, but after finishing them i can really feel that all the hard work and effort are payed off. Stamford School doesn’t only teach us subjects, but it only teaches us both physically and emotionally. I’ve been in Stamford School ever since it first opened and i found myself a better person than i was before.