Being enrolled in Stamford School for the past 3 years has been a major life changing experience for me. All of the teachers, classmates, and schoolmates I have met over the years have all made a huge impact in shaping me into the person I am today. The school’s friendly social environment has also made me more confident in myself and in communicating with others.

All of the teachers were very friendly, helpful and supportive both inside and outside the classroom. Whenever I felt discouraged and unmotivated due to the failures I have experienced over the years, all of my teachers have never failed to give me advice and encourage me to continue working hard. They made me believe that with hard work and determination, I can excel in anything and be the best that I can be.

Having spent a total of 3 years in Stamford’s IGCSE  &  A-Level programme, I have been able to develop a wider and deeper understanding of my subjects and crucial critical thinking skills that will surely aid me in my further studies and later in life. In reference to the rigorous curricula, wide array of subjects offered, and the high quality of teaching provided by the teachers and the school, I am confident in saying that Stamford School offers one of the best IGCSE and A-Level programmes in all of Bandung.

I am truly thankful of and will always remember the lifelong friends (schoolmates, teachers and even staff), and the unforgettable memories that I have made during my stay in Stamford School. I will always be proud to call myself a Stamfordian and will always be proud to call Stamford my Alma Mater.


Stamford’s vision that every Stamfordian will graduate as an aspiring leader and ways in which they try to make this come true has certainly become a reality; at least for me. I’ve taken many leadership positions while studying in the United States, one of them being a paid job, and I couldn’t thank Stamford more for the preparations and leadership opportunities that they have provided me with.

We are happy that our daughters go to Stamford school. Other than school facilities and curriculums, we like the school projects. The school projects are not just collecting information from books and other medias but the students have a chance to see and experience it in real world. For example: Milk Project and Healthy Project. Next, the school event especially drama musical is very wonderful. Students from Pre-School to Secondary and off course teachers perform together. The most important thing from this event is not only the performance but the team work among all to make this a successful event.

I’m a parent of three children in Stamford School, two in the Nursery and one in Primary 2. All three look forward to go to Stamford School each day. The teachers care a lot for them, even the staff know them by name. I’m most impressed by the teachers who communicate regularly and clearly with me on my children’s developments and struggles. It is definitely an all-rounder school which emphasizes not just academically but the wholistic aspect of a child. The school is very clean and surrounded by lush greenery and open spaces. No doubt, Stamford provides a healthy growing environment for my children.

Stamford School is a loving, caring environment that really supports the kids. The teachers go above and beyond to help each student succeed, with some even offering after school tutoring. The building security is good and excellent parking area for parents. There are so many events and special days during the school year. We experienced many opportunities to be involved at the school as a parent. The teachers really care about their students. It is a wonderful atmosphere for kids to grow and learn. Our children love attending Stamford School.

Stamford School is a really nice place to study, really friendly classmates, dedicated teacher; how else can that make our school life more beautiful than ever? Stamford School offers a wide range of subjects for IGCSE; however, there are times wherein i doubt that we’ll use it in real life, but after finishing most of my IGCSEs i realised that it’s actually worth the time and effort. I’ve come to realise that it prepared me to be able to solve harder problems in life. It’s been a crazy 2 years of preparing for the IGCSE, but after finishing them i can really feel that all the hard work and effort are payed off. Stamford School doesn’t only teach us subjects, but it only teaches us both physically and emotionally. I’ve been in Stamford School ever since it first opened and i found myself a better person than i was before.

Thank you so much for giving me so many unforgettable memories these past 8 years, especially for my last year. If it weren’t for Stamford, I wouldn’t be who i am today; and I like the way I am now. I wouldn’t have expected myself to audition for any school plays or join any competitions like the spaghetti machine or the storytelling competition. The me before would have just shrugged off any opportunity given. I wouldn’t also be able to speak english this well. Thank you, too, for the awesome teachers who have been my friends these past few years, who help me achieve higher goals and guide me throughout the years. Although stamford may have some flaws, I wouldn’t have liked it any other way. Thanks for everything.

Stamford has helped me shape the person i am today. I am truly grateful for the hard-working teachers that has motivated me to work harder. My experiences here are unforgettable and i’ve learned so much things that i could use outside school. Stamford has opened me to doors that i would never expected to enter to and for that i am unbelievably thankful for the supportive teachers, my friends and the people who has been there with me in these 8 years.

Stamford, as my alma mater, is a place of many laughs for me. My time here had been both fruitful and character-building, and I would not want my experiences to be held anywhere else. The few hard times I went through are now remembered as nothing but bumps in the road, thanks to the great support I received from teachers and friends alike. Some say secondary school is where the transition between childhood and adulthood really starts, and if that’s true then I went through these years with a smile. As a happy chapter of my life draws to a close, I’m glad to know that I’ll be facing the future as better person than when I first arrived here. Thank you, Stamford.