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The Rice Project Presentation


DSC07766The Rice Project was conceived because of one student’s curiosity about rice. During the usual snack time one afternoon where students were seated together in a group, one of our K2 student, Trevor, remarked that many of his schoolmates were eating rice dishes for snacks. This somehow sparked off a lively discussion about the various rice dishes that they love to eat. Having noted the students’ interest and enthusiasm about the topic, the teachers began a survey in their respective classes, which eventually evolved into an investigative project about rice. Read more

Your letters: Towards education for all

I was lucky to be among 200 students who attended the Asian African Student Conference (AASC) held from April 29 to May 2 in the West Java capital of Bandung.

During the conference, I was assigned to a committee focusing on inclusive education. One may wonder what inclusive education is. It may seem like a big concept, but its main idea is that there should be education for everyone regardless of race, gender, nationality, physical appearance or religion. Read more

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