Alumni Spotlight: Alexander Nicholas Sumarli

An Article By: Alexander Nicholas Sumarli, La Sierra University (School of Medicine)


Four years ago, I made a decision to migrate to the United States to seek higher education in the field that I am very passionate about. At the beginning, it was rough and lonely, but as I grew into a more mature adult, I managed to somehow overcome the challenges that I had faced.

Breaking News: 2016 SEAMO Results



Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad (SEAMO) is introduced in 2016, serving both Primary and Secondary schools in Southeast Asian countries. Students are asked to solve 25 problems in 90 minutes. The first problems are the easiest, and the problems get progressively more difficult until the end. There are six papers: Paper A/Lower Primary (Grades 1-2), Paper B/Middle Primary (Grades 3–4), Paper C/Upper Primary (Grades 5–6), Paper D/Junior (Grades 7– 8), Paper E/Intermediate (Grades 9–10) and Paper F/Senior (Grades 11–12).

SEAMO syllabus is developed based on the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad curriculum and 40% of contents were modified to meet international standard. It is a comprehensive syllabus which exposes students to in-depth, stimulating and interesting mathematical problems. Since 1991, Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiads team has started developing its own assessment framework by examining the mathematical olympiad curriculum from countries such as Singapore, USA, Russia and so on.

SEAMO Awards

The percentages allocated to awards are approximate and will vary according to the number of students taking each test and the distribution of their scores.

Many congratulations to the following students and parents for your excellent achievement in the recent Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad.

Gold Medal: Trevyn Theodore Tjandra (P4)
Silver Medal: Marc Clayton Brockman (P2), Kim Hong Joon (S4)
Bronze Medal: Brandon Christopher Tanamas (P1), Christopher Nathan (P3), Chang Chin Han (P6), Febian Mario Ardhana (S4),
Nicole Adiprawira (S4)

Thank you to all students, parents and teachers for your strong support in the SEAMO competition. You have all made our Stamford Family really proud.

Breaking News – ICAS Singapore Awardees for 2016

Stamford School proudly congratulates our excellent ICAS Singapore awardees for 2016.

  • Dylan Frederick Pingkardi (Secondary 4): three Distinctions (English, Mathematics and Science)
  • Dustin Federer Pingkardi (Primary 6): one Distinction (English) and two Credits (Mathematics and Science)
  • Shrinandhan Prabu (Secondary 4): one High Distinction (Mathematics) and one Distinction (Science)
  • Azalea Dewi Calista Egerton (Primary 5): one Distinction (Writing), one Credit (English) and one Merit (Mathematics)
  • Athaa Asyfahani Nurhermandhiya (Secondary 4): three Credits (English, Mathematics and Digital Technologies) and one Merit (Science)
  • Kyle Gaius Jonsson (Secondary 4): one Distinction (Mathematics), one Credit (Science) and one Merit (English)
  • Richard Antonius Bryan Hoo (Primary 5): three Credits (Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies)
  • Ishayu Narendra Jade (Secondary 3): three Credits (Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies)
  • Christopher Nathan Mulyadi (Primary 3): two Credits (English and Digital Technologies)
  • Marvelin Callista Bryan Hoo (Primary 3): two Credits (English and Digital Writing)
  • Sanandha Prabu (Primary 5): one Credit (Mathematics)
  • Alethea Viane Prianka Widiarto (Secondary 1): one Credit (Mathematics)
  • Bryant Tan Wei Bin (Secondary 1): one Credit (Science)
  • Morenzo Rafael Minar Widjaja (Secondary 1): one Credit (Science)
  • Neil D’Souza (Primary 5): one Merit (Mathematics)
  • Shekilla Zakee Raghid Martiza (Primary 5): one Merit (Mathematics)
  • Cathylne Arcelia Chahyadi (Primary 6): one Merit (Mathematics)
  • Justin William (Secondary 1): one Merit (Digital Technologies)

Unlike all other schools in Bandung, and almost all other schools in Indonesia, Stamford joins ICAS Singapore rather than ICAS Indonesia. This means that:

  • Stamfordians sit the ICAS test TWO YEARS AHEAD of the test taken by others of the same age in Indonesia.
  • Stamfordians’ performance in ICAS is compared to Singaporean students taking the same test, NOT to other Indonesian students.

The Singaporean education system is considered among the world’s best. For example, Singapore was ranked top in the world for maths and science by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in 2015. Indonesia was ranked 69th. 

These Stamfordians’ awards, therefore reflect their excellent performance on an international level. The meaning of the awards, relative to all students in Singapore who took the same test, is outlined below:

  • High Distinction: top 1%
  • Distinction: top 11%
  • Credit: top 36%
  • Merit: top 46%


我的夏令营之旅 – My Summer Camp

By 王隆兴 (Ezra Ravin)

6月17日 – 18日

我们十点在三 一学校集合,然后十二点出发去雅加达国际机场。我们需要在机场等待,因为我们的飞机八点出发,而我们四点就到了雅加达国际机场。我们从雅加达出发飞往厦门,大概六个小时航程。