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Learning to Make Paper

Yet another skill that our primary student picked up before the term break is making recycled paper. They had a hands on learning experience for the whole process and it is something that they can do at home to reduce paper wastage. Here at Stamford, we work hard to give meaningful and enriching experience for your child.

Paper Making

IGCSE Results 2017 – 2018

Many congratulations to our graduating Secondary Four class, 2017 – 2018. Outstanding results were achieved by Angeline, Gabriella Shamira Saksono and Jessica Hendrawan Putri.

With some students staying with us for JC1, others will be joining foundation courses in Australia. We wish them all every success and happiness for the future.

IGCSE Congratulations Poster Rev1.1

Speaking From the Heart 2018

DSCF8802.JPGEnglish is the most commonly spoken language in the world, used by different industries such as media and the internet. Storytelling is the important cultural activity conveying stories in words, often with improvisation, theatrics or embellishments. On September 15, 2018, Stamford School will hold its seventh annual English Storytelling Contest, entitled Speaking from the Heart, to celebrate and encourage the use of the English language to entertain through storytelling. After six successful events, Speaking from the Heart has become an important Bandung tradition which attracts contestants from all over the city. DSC05660

Storytelling sparks emotions and helps us make sense of people and the world around us. It forms an important part in developing the child’s overall personality, encouraging creativity, imagination and confidence. The ability to stand onstage and entertain, move and affect an audience is a valuable skill for children to develop. Stamford School organised Speaking from the Heart on an annual basis to promote the development of these important skills.

Now we are opening for registration! Please visit our Speaking From the Heart 2018 page. Click here.

SfTH 1819 poster



Pray for the Success of the Rescue Mission

We pray for the safety of the 12 Thai boys and their coach who are trapped deep in the flooded cave of Chiang Rai, Thailand.

The boys had a field trip with their coach, exploring the cave when sudden heavy rain caused a flash flood which blocked their way out. They went missing for about 9 days when they were found by the British Rescue Diver.

The rescue is very complicated because many of the boys did not know how to swim and some parts of the cave are completely submerged underwater. The debris brought about by the flood made the situation worse as some parts of the intricate cave tunnel became extremely narrow that the diver must detach their oxygen tank and squeeze their body to get through.

One of the Thai Navy Seal rescue divers died on his way out after delivering oxygen tanks to the boys. This underscores the high risk that diving option brings. The rescuers are also hard pressed for time due to the falling oxygen level and forecasted heavy downpour.

Nevertheless, the rescue is underway today and we, at Stamford Schol pray for the safe return of the boys and their coach to their family.

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