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Stamford School Accreditation

Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama (SPK)

The requirement for teaching an international programme in Indonesia is SPK status. This means that all programmes in the school are separately inspected and approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Education. Our preschool department was the first to undergo the SPK accreditation process in 2018 followed by SD and SMA in December, 2019. This involved a three day visit where the Ministry of Education appointed assessors rigorously inspected documents, visited classrooms, interviewed students, teachers and parents before making their decision.

We are very proud that Stamford School achieved an “A” rating for all sections (except for SMP which is still in process). An “A” rating is the highest possible rating and one that is not easy to achieve.


English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, used by different industries such as media and the internet. Storytelling is the important cultural activity conveying stories in words, often with improvisation, theatrics or embellishments. On October 12, 2019, Stamford School will hold its eight annual English Storytelling Contest, entitled Speaking from the Heart, to celebrate and encourage the use of the English language to entertain through storytelling. After eight successful events, Speaking from the Heart has become an important Bandung tradition which attracts contestants from all over the city. 

Storytelling sparks emotions and helps us make sense of people and the world around us. It forms an important part in developing the child’s overall personality, encouraging creativity, imagination and confidence. The ability to stand onstage and entertain, move and affect an audience is a valuable skill for children to develop. Stamford School organised Speaking from the Heart on an annual basis to promote the development of these important skills.

Now we are opening for registration! Please visit our Speaking From the Heart 2019 page. 


Stamford School Scholarship

Submit your essay max 500 words to:

Open to incoming grade 11 students

For more information contact:

Terms and conditions:
Successful applicants will have a preliminary phone interview. Shortlisted applicants will have face to face interview and entrance test.
They should also submit their last two years report card and letter from school.

Mother’s Day 2019

Last 10 May 2019, Mother’s Day was celebrated in Stamford School to give honour to all the mothers in the school community. Mothers were especially invited to come school to celebrate the event.  Teachers and students prepared some activities for the mommies — games, giving gifts and letters, free massage and concluded the day with students serenading the mommies with very touching songs. Nothing can describe the feeling seeing the mommies happy faces enjoying the day dedicated to them.

No words can describe our gratitude for our mothers as a Mother’s love is the purest form of emotion that ever exist in the world.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Stamford School is proud to announce that we are now a fully accredited International Baccalaureate World School. This achievement owes much to the diligence, commitment and teamwork that Stamford has come to embody during its time. The IB teaching philosophy encompasses a whole host of learning concepts which go far beyond traditional academic performance. Therefore, as an IB World School, Stamford will now be one of very few facilities in Bandung where students can become fully equipped to succeed at any university of their choice with greater awareness and appreciation for their world. Ultimately, our IB accreditation affords Stamford with a wealth of resources aimed at ensuring graduates develop abilities, grasp concepts and attain awareness consistent with the finest universities abroad.

Gold Voice 2018


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