Alumni Spotlight: Alexander Nicholas Sumarli

An Article By: Alexander Nicholas Sumarli, La Sierra University (School of Medicine)


Four years ago, I made a decision to migrate to the United States to seek higher education in the field that I am very passionate about. At the beginning, it was rough and lonely, but as I grew into a more mature adult, I managed to somehow overcome the challenges that I had faced.

我的夏令营之旅 – My Summer Camp

By 王隆兴 (Ezra Ravin)

6月17日 – 18日

我们十点在三 一学校集合,然后十二点出发去雅加达国际机场。我们需要在机场等待,因为我们的飞机八点出发,而我们四点就到了雅加达国际机场。我们从雅加达出发飞往厦门,大概六个小时航程。