Stamford Scholarship & Book Prize


Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize

The Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize program was launched in the school year 2015/2016. These awards are amongst the most prestigious ones presented by the school. They recognize the achievements of our students and encourage them to grow in alignment with our school’s Mission and Vision.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for these awards is based on excellent academic performance or significant service to the school. The Stamford Scholarship is open to top students and those who are the best in one or more subjects. The Stamford Book Prize is open to most improved students and to other awardees during the Excellence or Honours day.

Application Process

Students would submit a proposal for a project that would have a positive impact on the larger community. The proposals are then evaluated and the best proposals would proceed to the panel evaluation stage wherein students will get to present their project ideas through a presentation. The Stamford community also gets to vote for the projects that they deem worthy of implementation.

Selection Process

Selection of awardees is based on the merits of the proposals as well as the leadership qualities and potential of the student which would be reflected during the panel evaluation stage.


The awards are cash prizes that are given to the parents of the awardees. The amount for the Scholarship is significantly more than the book prize. For instance, in School Year 2015/16, the scholarship was approximately equivalent to a year’s tuition fee while the book prize was a quarter of that.

The number and amount of awards budgeted for each school year is determined by the quality of proposals submitted as well as the overall enrollment of the school. Parents and external individuals or organizations can also be invited to offer additional funds or assistance.

Awardees will get a small startup amount from the school to implement their projects.

The final Scholarship and Book Prize cash prizes are awarded only to the awardees that best implements their projects.

A mentor is assigned to each awardee to ensure the students get the necessary advice and assistance for their project.

Parent participation is highly encouraged during the implementation phase.

A successful implementation of a Stamford Scholarship project reflects well on the student’s Curriculum Vitae and adds great value to the student’s overseas college/university application as it exemplifies a well-rounded student that excels academically and is able to contribute positively to the community.