Our Alumni


“Oh, the Places You’ll Go…”  – Dr Seuss

Stamford School has always strived to offer a balanced and holistic education that produce leaders that are able to contribute in both public and private sectors. The list below is our distinguished alumni that are currently working/studying to leave their mark in the world.

If you have updated information on our Alumni, please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@Stamford.sch.id

Class of Name University/Institution/Occupation
2010/S4 Yunique Carcelline Australasian College of Natural Therapies (Bachelor of Health Science), Diplome de Patisserie – Le Cordon Bleu Australia, Diploma of Higher Education in Arts Management at La Salle College of the Arts.
2010/S4 Odilia Rosalin Sugita University of New South Wales, Australia, Chemical Engineering
2011/S4 Felicia Sunaryo Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University (School of Traditional Chinese Medicine), China
2011/S4 Claudia Oiej International Management Institute, Switzerland
2012/S4 Joshua Koswara RMIT, Australia
2012/S4 Michael Valiant Business & Hotel Management School, Switzerland
2012/S4 Kelvin Darmawan Universitas Parahyangan, Indonesia
2012/S4 Julius Andrean Hotel Management, Les Roches International School, Switzerland
2013/S4 Alexander Nicholas Sumarli La Sierra University (School of Medicine), USA
2013/S4 M. Akbar Farizha Fiqri Iowa State University (School of Mechanical Engineering)
2013/S4 Mohit Sewakram Daryanani Entrepreneur, Indotextiles
2013/S4 Steven Harliman Universitas Parahyangan (School of Business), Indonesia
2013/S4 Widhia Kurnia Sukmono University of Sydney, Australia
2013/S4 Adrian Hendrawan Putra University of Melbourne, Australia
2013/S4 Jennifer Unjoto Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, USA
2014/JC Darren Suryawijaya University of Melbourne (School of Biomedicine), Australia
2014/JC Joscelind Sunaryo Universitas Trisakti, (School of Medicine), Indonesia
2014/S4 Kireina Riyanti Masri Leeds College of Art, UK
2014/S4 Viviana Sondjaja Academy of Art University, USA
2015/S4 Andrew Haryadi Singapore Institute of Management University, Singapore
2015/S4 Monica Audinnia Halim PSB Academy, Singapore
2015/S4 Gladdys Kwan Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
2015/S4 Nadya Adiguna Budianto Singapore Institute of Management University, Singapore
2015/S4 Nasha Veresanya Wibowo Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
2015/S4 Sharon Liao Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa, Indonesia
2016/S4 Gregorio Darren Asmoro Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore – Recipient of Full Scholarship
2016/S4 Jeanne Michelle Koswara Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
2016/S4 Jason C. Budiputra Curtin University of Technology, Singapore
2016/S4 Raphael Bryan William Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
2016/JC Brandon Jones Gunaman University of California, Davis, USA
2016/JC Bryant Kalim Gunaman University of California, Irvine, USA
2016/JC Christopher Raymond Salim University of Auckland, Chemistry and Environmental Science
2016/JC Joshua Wirawan Monash University, School of Business Management
2016/JC Darrell Suryawijaya Universitas Parahyangan (School of Architecture), Indonesia
2016/JC Ezra Ravin Mateus Universitas Maranatha, Indonesia
2016/JC Jessica Kumala Guangxi Normal University, China
2016/JC Simran Bijal Gandhi SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore
2016/JC Stacy Elle Gunarian Orange Coast College (Department of Theatre), USA
2016/JC Stephen Liao National Chung Hsing University (國立中興大學), Taichung City, Taiwan (ROC)
2016/S4 Ilisha Dharani Barki Trinity College (Scholarship Recipient – only 2 students were awarded the scholarship from Indonesia), Melbourne, Australia      
2017/JC Marvin Setiadi Tanumiharja Universitas Maranatha, Indonesia – Faculty of Dentistry      
2017/JC Mohamad Vizaraihan Universitas Parahyangan, Indonesia – School of Architecture      
2017/JC Reynaldo Aditya Susilo Universitas Parahyangan, Indonesia – School of Architecture      
2017/JC Vincent Yohanes
( 楊智達 )
Fu Jen Catholic University 天主教輔仁大學, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China
( 中華民國 )- Department of Food Science