Honours Day 2016 – Claudia Lumanto

IMG_1563 PS speech

Ibu Florentina, Doctor Peter, Mr. Sia, Mr. Egerton, Mrs. Fajardo,

Mrs. Solis, teachers, visitors, parents and friends, good afternoon!

My name is Claudia Lumanto, and I am happy to stand in front of you on behalf of K2 class. I remember when I first came to Stamford School. I was a Nursery student. I played with Felice. I learned about shapes, fruits, and letters. When I moved up to K1, I learned more about counting and letters. I had time to work and I had time to play. When I became a K2 student, I learned to read and write. My favourite activities were the field trips, our Rice Project and taking part in the Storytelling Competition.

I always feel happy in preschool. I will miss everyone and everything in preschool. But I am also excited to be in P1. I will continue to learn with my friends. We will learn more about Chinese. We will eat in the canteen downstairs with other friends in Primary. Before I go to P1, I would like to thank my preschool teachers for teaching us with love. Thank you Stamford School for making us happy, and for greeting us in the morning. Thank you preschool friends for playing and having fun with me.

I would also like to thank my sister Aurel for playing with me, my Mommy and Daddy for loving me and working hard for me and my sister, and my Mbak Ipa for giving me milk before I sleep. Mom and Dad, I promise that I will listen to you all the time. I love you Mom and Dad.

K2 friends, I hope to see you in P1. Let us continue to learn and grow together in Stamford. Let us always listen to our parents and teachers. Let us always choose to be good.

Congratulations to all of us!

Thank you for listening and have a great day!