Honours Day 2016 – Simran Gandhi & Bryant Kalim Gunaman

DSC_1511 JC Speech

Bryant: Good evening Mr, Fandam Darmawan, Ibu Florentina Sunaryo,Dr Peter Darmawan, Mr Moses Sia, Mr Richard Egerton, Mrs Fajardo, parents, teachers, esteemed guests and my fellow classmates.

Simran: Today, we, the Junior College class of 2016 stand before you as we accept our diplomas, certifying the completion of the A level programme. The day we thought would never come has arrived at last. We embarked on our journey in Stamford School a few years ago as mere children, but now we’re leaving here as adults. We’ve completed a basic education that will serve as the platform to launch ourselves into our futures. All of us will go on to complete further education,  but each of us will have to go on our separate paths as we move from our comfort zones and create our own journey.

Bryant: There have been unforgettable moments and encounters which will stay with us wherever we go..Beloved moments such as when Mr. Jay, our former biology teacher, promised to take us on a field which then turned out to be a lecture on the digestive system and  the time we spent in decorating the bio lab as the haunted house and the squeals that we extracted from unsuspecting visitors. As a result of knowing each other so well, we were able to effectively assign tasks that suited our strengths thus making a group of individuals that functioned like a well oiled machine for the fundraising event. This is just one of the millions of memories that we have built together.

Simran: And now here we stand. It is an odd feeling, knowing that after this evening, the routine that we have gone through for years will be routine no longer. Our rule is over,. and it’s up to the next class to step into our shoes and take over. I know that as I look out at all of you, I will measure my time here in all the friendships I’ve enjoyed these last nine years. I’ll remember each one fondly, as I’m sure you all will, too.

Bryant: Aside from friendships, our time spent  at Stamford would not have been so great without our teachers. Although there have been times where we have clashed and times where we are in disagreement, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the following teachers for building us into the individuals that we are today and for being a part of of our lives. I would like to thank the following teachers: Pa Rully, Pa Guntur Timur, Mr Angelito Ebora, Ms Cao Qin, Mrs Maila Jumao As, Mr Cherlito Matiga, Mr Slamet Hariono, Ms Christy Siahaan, Mr Erwin Manuzon, Mr Dennis Seda, Pa Irfan, Ms Carolyn Sulaeman and Mr. Moses Sia,

Siman:The following teachers hold a special place in our hearts as they have been our form teachers on this perilous journey of ours – Ms. Angelita Cauzon Caparas for being so full of life and bringing life to us, Ms.Kristine Capa, for being a Benito Musolini in a caring way, Mr Jayaraj Gopalakrishnan for maintaining a balance between being a companion and drill sergeant. Mrs. Marivir Mercado for being a motherly figure, Mr. Argee Abadines for being a great mentor and advisor.

Bryant: We would also want to say a very special thank you to our secondary principal Mr. Richard John Egerton who has always been an amicable father figure and has given his best effort in resolving problems we have in school. Truthfully, you are a genuine person, who is not afraid to go the extra mile and the kind of person to do so with a smile.

And of course, we cannot forget to thank the staff, security and cleaners for creating an environment in which we can study at peace.

Simran: Throughout the years,our teachers have undoubtedly been a supporting structure in complementing our growth as we learn to be a part of society. However, we would not be in this situation if we were not blessed with the parents that have given us this life as well as their unconditional love that continues to support us no matter the mistakes we make and accepting us as who we are.

There are no words to express the gratefulness that we have for the sacrifices that have been made for us and although we cannot hope to repay such compassion and care, we will continue to develop ourselves, to become individuals who are capable of justifying the sacrifices our parents have made to bring us to this point..

Bryant: From this point on there are challenges ahead of us. Now we must meet those challenges straight on head held high and heart wide open. It’s not enough to simply try to get by in life. That doesn’t move the world forward. We must try to excel in everything we do; strive for excellence in every task, large or small. In the near future then, let us not forget to embrace this little family of ours that we have built throughout the years we have spent together and assemble as one, again.

Simran: But now it is time to say goodbye. The time has come where we have to walk on our own paths and build our own futures to live a life worth living. It is said that “The journey doesn’t start at the beginning, it begins at the end.” and thus, our journey has started anew.

Bryant : A small message I would like to part with:

You fought battles, overcame obstacles.
You had a goal, gave it your soul.
You worked hard, went the extra yard.
You gave it your all, you stand tall. Congratulations!  We did it!!