Honours Day 2016 – Richard Egerton for Brandon Jones Gunaman



There is always a top student, in every class and in every year at Stamford, and to be top student is always an impressive achievement.

But while every class has a top student, there is only one Brandon Jones Gunaman. His academic achievements at Stamford  have been truly incredible and in that respect  he really is  one  of a kind.

When he was in Secondary 1, he was the second student  in the school’s history to be offered an advancement  from Secondary 1   straight to Secondary 3, on the basis of his excellent  academic performance.

The following year, despite having missed an important year’s study, he went on to be Secondary 3’s top  student, coming first  in English as a Second Language,  Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies and Economics: that was every single subject he studied  for which an award was given.

From that point on  he has gone from strength  to strength. He got the school’s best  ever IGCSE results  in Secondary 4,  achieving 10 A*s  and 1 A.Last year  in Junior College 1, he got our best  ever  AS Level results: 4 As. Most impressively,  he was awarded the prestigious title of “Best in Indonesia  across 4 AS levels”  by Cambridge  International Examinations.

What has been the key  to Brandon’s amazing  academic success? Well for a start  he clearly isn’t short of brain cells. But that  is not all. He has achieved  what he has achieved, through drive, determination and hard work  as much as through raw  talent.

However well  Brandon does, he always strives  to do even better. However well he understands something, he seeks for an even deeper understanding. And however much he knows he always seeks to know more. In this respect he is an inspiration to us all.