Honours Day 2016 – Mr Moses Sia


Good afternoon Mr Fandam Darmawan, Ms Florentina Sunaryo, Dr Peter Darmawan, parents, staff and children.

Thank you for taking time to be with us as we celebrate our annual Honours and Graduation Day for the school year 2015/16.

This is a time for us to recognise those who have brought honour to the school whether in achieving excellent academic results, exemplary service to the school, or accomplishments outside of school. We are also happy to mark a milestone with those in Kindergarten 2, Primary 6, Secondary 4 and Junior College 2 as they graduate and embark on the next chapter of their learning. Congratulations to all our awardees for today.

As we wrap up the school year, I would like to highlight two of the developments this year – the Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize and Stamford Sports.

We had our inaugural Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize this year. All students who have been awardees at the previous year’s Honours Day is eligible to apply. What made it special is that in their application, they had to give a proposal for a project which they feel will contribute to the community. Why is this important? Because it is Stamford’s vision that our students grow to be leaders who contribute to their community.

This reflects the balanced and holistic approach that we take to learning and growing in Stamford.

For those who did apply, I believe that the process of coming up with the proposal is already a rich experience. To become sensitive to the needs within the community, and to think of a solution which is practical are important life skills.

For those who did win the award, they had to then exercise their leadership and management in implementing their proposed project. Most of them faced obstacles and unexpected changes, but with the support of their mentors, who are our two Vice-Principals, and friends, they ultimately succeeded. Whether it is egg-shells used as natural fertilizer, a tuition programme in which older students help the younger ones, or getting students to take better care of their classrooms, the projects were as unique as the awardees themselves and all of them made a positive impact.

Near the end of the school year, our Secondary 3 students took on the task of interviewing these awardees about their experience and wrote inspiring pieces which can be read on our school’s website. Well done Stamfordians!

The form of the Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize is a homegrown product of Stamford School – our mission and our vision guided us in creating such a unique platform which we can all be proud of. It stands as a testament that each Stamfordian’s learning and growth always serves as our guiding light in all that we do at Stamford.

Another of our homegrown development is Stamford Sports.

Instead of our usual annual Sports Day which focused solely on track and field events, Stamford Sports became a series of sports competitions throughout the school year. More significantly, our day-to-day Physical Education or PE programme was intentionally aligned.

For instance, when they learned how to skip with a skipping rope, the lower primary students then had the chance to compete on behalf of their houses in skipping. The events were varied and participation from as many as were possible.

The level of enthusiasm at which students practiced hard to get selected can be clearly seen. With events spread out in the year, the sports house also became a rallying point for other things as well thus building a greater sense of camaraderie.

Stamford Sports is the brain-child of our two PE teachers, Mr Rully and Ms Yessy. I would like to commend them for such a creative and effective concept. This has meant more work in organising but our staff members have worked tirelessly to make Stamford Sports a resounding success.

We took this occasion to refresh our annual sports championship and we would like to specially congratulate Fantastic Falcons for being the winner this year. Please join me in inviting Ibu Florentina to unveil the new Sports Championship plaque which will be displayed at the front of the school.

Join me in thanking and congratulating our staff and students for a wonderful run of Stamford Sports.

These are just two of many other instances of how Stamford School continues to make learning better and more holistic. There are project work, field trips, and the musical drama just to name a few. Academically, we have done well  as seen by how our Cambridge results compares very well internationally. We have also not neglected the other aspects like the physical, social-emotional and the spiritual need for meaning and contribution.

These are accomplishments that are not always easy to quantify but they are what Stamford strives for and will continue to provide – the holistic and unique Stamford brand of education that we know will stand all our students in good stead locally and globally, for now and for the future.

On a personal note, I wish to thank everyone for the partnership and guidance shown to me during my time in Stamford. This is a beautiful community to be a part of and my prayer is that Stamford will grow from strength to strength, and from honour to honour.

Once again, congratulations to all awardees and graduands. Have a very good afternoon and blessings always.

Moses Sia

9 June 2016