Honours Day 2016 – Dr Peter Darmawan


Good afternoon Mr Sia, parents, teachers and students. I am very honored to have the chance to address you this afternoon, especially to our graduating students of primary 6, secondary 4 and JC 2 on the last day of school for the school year. Before I address the graduating students, I want to ensure that I thanked the following groups of people.

Parents, I want to thank you for entrusting your children to us everyday and bringing them here to Stamford School. I sincerely want to thank you for raising such amazing group of people that are going to graduate today and move on to their next phase of life. They made up of such diverse talents and made Stamford such a lively place. Your child has shown so many positive qualities and we know that the nurturing of values starts at home.

To Stamford Staff, academic and non-academic, I want you to have my sincere thanks for always doing your best for our students. Everyone from the PROs, librarian, lab assistant, teachers, resource team, IT team, janitors and security team, I know that you have always placed our students’ welfare first before anything else. Your patience, care and compassion for our students are the very reason that our graduating students are able to grow with good values; and we have seen them grow and blossom into leaders. Thank you for your love for Stamford School students.

I especially want to thank our outgoing Principal Mr Sia whom unfortunately cannot stay on as our Principal in the next academic year due to family commitment. Today, I am happy to announce that Mr Sia has agreed to be Stamford School’s academic advisor where he will provide consultation on academic matters and be invited to evaluate our academic programs. You can rest assured on our commitment to provide academic excellence and holistic education for our students. Mr Sia’s leadership has provided a fresh outlook and approach when it comes to learning through the implementation of iPad lessons and lesson study for teachers. The infusion of technology into learning has enriched and benefitted both staff and students. And I also know for sure that Mr Sia and his team have made our students’ interest our top priority. I would like to express our sincere thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the students, staff and families of the school. You have touched and inspired the lives of many, including mine. Thank you for readily agreeing to be Stamford School’s academic advisor when we proposed the idea to you. We hope that you will continue to contribute to Stamford’s growth in one way and another.

For our graduating students, thank you for choosing to study in Stamford School. Although I have not been here for too long, I feel that I have began to form a connection with you. Thank you for making our school bursting with life by your enthusiasm, dedication and laughter in our school. My advise for you as you embark on the next phase of your life is to live each day with a purpose, seize any opportunity that may come your way and never be afraid of failure. Failing is part and parcel of life and you should embrace it as a valuable learning experience because life will put many obstacles in your path that are far worse than a bad exam result. What is important is that you put in your best effort for every task that comes your way. Examination results are simply a checkpoint of where your ability currently stands. It does not cast your skills and ability permanently in stone. Your skills and ability are dynamic and can be grown and nurtured if you put in your commitment and hard work into it. There is a Latin saying “Finis Origine Pendet – The End Depends Upon the Beginning” taken from the movie “The Emperor’s Club”. What it means is that what you accomplish in life and the significance of your contribution will depend largely on what you do here today. How you begin ultimately determines what you will achieve. In whatever that we hope to achieve in the future, we must begin with the end in mind, meaning you have to always plan ahead and strategize in order to achieve your ultimate goal. It is also a law of nature that without effort, one does not find progress. So with that note, I hope that you have begun to identify your passion and goals and make efforts to achieve it. Because whether you like it or not, your life journey have already begun.

For students who are still continuing with Stamford School for your next phase of studies, I thank you once again for entrusting us and for those leaving us, I sincerely wish you all the best for your future endeavors. I’d like to echo Mr Egerton that you have all been fantastic students and it is such a privilege and honor to have you. Remember that the door of Stamford School will always be open for you anytime you need help in the future. We as a school will continue to support our alumni to the best of our ability. One last thing, remember that once a Stamfordian is always a Stamfordian and you will always be part of our family.

Thank you.