18 April was a date to remember as Stamford School commemorated Kartini with the theme “Habis Gelap, Terbitlah Terang” (After Darkness Comes Light). It was a very meaningful event where students showed their gratitude to Kartini by dedicating poems especially written for her. Kartini is known as the first female hero of Indonesia for her advocacy on education for women.

Alongside Kartini Day was Earth Day celebration with the theme “Protect Our Species”. Stamfordians have always been great supporters of environmental protection as shown in various environmental awareness activities made by the students such as clean up drive, poster makings, and animal reef to name a few.

It was indeed a very significant day for everyone in Stamford school as they gathered together in realizing their part as citizens of Indonesia and as active members of the global community.

Way to go, Stamfordians!

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