Pray for the Success of the Rescue Mission

We pray for the safety of the 12 Thai boys and their coach who are trapped deep in the flooded cave of Chiang Rai, Thailand.

The boys had a field trip with their coach, exploring the cave when sudden heavy rain caused a flash flood which blocked their way out. They went missing for about 9 days when they were found by the British Rescue Diver.

The rescue is very complicated because many of the boys did not know how to swim and some parts of the cave are completely submerged underwater. The debris brought about by the flood made the situation worse as some parts of the intricate cave tunnel became extremely narrow that the diver must detach their oxygen tank and squeeze their body to get through.

One of the Thai Navy Seal rescue divers died on his way out after delivering oxygen tanks to the boys. This underscores the high risk that diving option brings. The rescuers are also hard pressed for time due to the falling oxygen level and forecasted heavy downpour.

Nevertheless, the rescue is underway today and we, at Stamford Schol pray for the safe return of the boys and their coach to their family.

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