Secondary Year-End Camp

Keeping with tradition, we usually plan something fun for our secondary students at the end of the academic year. True to the adventurous spirit running through his veins, Mr Jay organised an outdoor year-end camp this year for the secondary students.

It is a “one night only” camp in Cikole packed with fun activities where our students strengthened their bonds of friendship, develop new skills and interests.

Miss Yessy and Mr Jay had worked tirelessly to plan activities that were not only fun but develop their teamwork and leadership as well. Not forgetting that being away from their family, students have to do things on their own, and almost all of them rise to the challenge and learn to be independent. Moreover, camping outdoors enables our students to develop a keen awareness of the environment, develop their outdoor skills and appreciate nature better.

Evident from their happy faces, they had great fun at the camp!

Special thanks to the teachers: Miss Yessy, Miss Feny, Mr Gabol, Mr Deni and Mr Jay for taking good care of the students at the camp!

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