Celebrating Mothers

Mothers are everything to us when we are small; our lives revolve around her. At an instinct, we would call for mother when we need something. She protects us from all perceivable dangers and hold us dearly in her arms, truly an angel on Earth.

She kisses away our wounds when we fall and cry, made us delicious chocolate drink for us to feel better. The first person to stay beside us when we fall sick and be awake all night to check on us. Not forgetting all the delicious food she provides.

There is simply no way we can ever thank our mothers for all that she has done for us! Therefore on the special day of 11 May 2018, Stamford School organizes a little pampering session for Stamford Moms.

It started with the delicious cupcakes lovingly made by Miss Maila when they arrived in school in the morning. After which, while they are waiting for their children in school, they were pampered with a relaxing shoulder and arm massage. Following that, it was time to beautify themselves on this special day with the curling/straightening hair station and a manicure.

At 2pm, students are gathered at the second lobby and serenade their mothers with two special songs, affirming their love for their mothers. The moms then received a drawing/painting of themselves and a rose specially prepared by their children.

The smiles that we saw from their faces assured us that we have truly made a special Mother’s Day for them!

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