Learning Together – Intellectually Inspired

As a learning community, all activities and events in Stamford are carefully planned and designed towards providing the learning intent. This is not only for the formal lessons in the classroom but also for all other school activities like CCAs and special programmes such as our Interdisicplinary Projects (IDP).

Our curriculum is designed to stimulate learning by all students that are appropriate for their ability and interests that prepares them well to take the next steps of education and beyond school.

Stamford School adopts the Singapore and Cambridge syllabi & curriculum frameworks in our Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and Junior College programmes. The Singapore brand of education is well known internationally for its academic rigour and its great emphasis on creative thinking skills and teamwork. Many countries have adopted the Singapore Mathematics and Science curriculum as a way of enabling students attain high academic scores in international competitions.

The United Kingdom (UK) curriculum is definitely one of the most established academic programmes in the world. We adopt a well-known UK phonics programme in our Pre-school and the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum in our Primary, Secondary and Junior College Departments. Over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries offer Cambridge programmes and qualifications. It is recognised in renowned colleges and universities around the world and is the passport for our students to attain world-class education anywhere in the world.

Technology is leveraged upon to enhance and even redefine students’ learning. Being technology-savvy has also become an important survival skill. In Stamford School, we provide resources such as a networked environment IT laboratory and iPads to encourage and enable teachers to use technology effectively and provide students with the skills and confidence to use technology independently in class and through our IT infused Programme.

The school is equipped with specialised laboratories for all three science disciplines where pupils are given opportunities to explore structured science activities based on their learning of science.

The school library boasts a comfortable and spacious surrounding for students to browse their favourite readings from the school’s collection or to stay for their independent studies.



The Stamford Child – Physically Healthy

Our Sports Facilities

Impressive sports facilities include large playing fields, a separate preschool play area and a multipurpose indoor hall for sports activities and performance. All these echo Stamford School’s commitment to high academic standards as well as the school’s emphasis on all-rounded education.

The school has excellent outdoor as well as indoor facilities including designated areas for various age groups. There is a large indoor sports hall (including changing room) which may be divided into two sections for various sports activities.

Co-Curricular Activities

It is important for the school to expose students to wide spectrum activities. The school offers a diverse range of co-curricular opportunities such as academic pursuits, leadership programmes, sports (basketball, soccer, Chinese martial art, badminton), special interests (arts, dance and cooking), marching band, choir, journalism, robotics and school magazine.


The Stamford Child – Socially Engaged

Moral and Spiritual Development

Stamford School strives to develop its students’ spirituality as we welcome students of all nationalities and faiths. Students are given an opportunity to learn more about their faith through religious classes and worship.

The values of respecting others, self and environment are channelled through community outreach programmes which are organised and integrated into the school events annually.

School Drama & Musical Productions

Stamford School is committed to giving all-rounded education to every Stamford child. Stamford students are prepared not only to excel in international examinations but they are also given chances to discover their talents in non-academic areas. The school drama and musical productions are opportunities created by Stamford for students to discover their talents in art, music, drama as well as public speaking.

Interdisciplinary Project

Apart from the regular lessons, every semester students take part in Interdisciplinary Projects to learn more about team work, search for relevant information, think critically, acquire new knowledge and share it with others as well as to use different strategies in dealing with problems encountered and make informed decisions during the process. These projects allow students to explore their abilities and creativity.



Stamford Child – Future Ready

Overseas Education and Universities

Stamford School is a gateway to global education. The Cambridge International Examinations syllabi are carefully selected and adapted to provide an engaging learning tailor-made for the Stamford child. These syllabi prepare the students for the world-renowned, internationally-recognised Cambridge IGCSE examinations.

Life Wise Programme

The future leaders prepared at Stamford School are leaders who not only excel academically but are also leaders who are equipped with the necessary skills needed to become confident, competent and independent.

The Life Wise programme is specially designed for Primary and Secondary students to learn basic life skills such as sewing, cooking, washing and ironing.


The Stamford Child – Globally Exposed

Stamford School holds this strong belief that children learn best through their experiences because they are naturally curious, active, eager to learn and try new things. Field trips and overseas excursions help our students to learn about the environment, themselves, their communities and the world at large through hands-on learning and discovery.

Exploring the world during exciting local, national and international field trips is a culture at Stamford School. Singapore, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Australia were the few countries our students had visited for their educational trips.

Since the founding of Stamford School, we have worked together with overseas and national schools as well as educational institutions to further strengthen Stamford School’s programmes. The collaboration with our counterparts has ranged from comparison study to attachment programmes for students as well as our teachers and management team.

Prefects' Camp 1

Insights into some of our Stamford-wide learning matters:


Appropriate homework is given to revise and reinforce concepts taught in school.

It is important for parents to create a routine for their child to complete their homework. We seek parents’ support in developing good study habits so that their child can perform to his/her best potential.

Subject teachers give a reasonable and achievable amount of homework on a daily basis. The amount of homework is generally higher at weekends and prior to semester examinations.

Remedial and Enrichment Classes

Remedial lessons are conducted after regular school hours to help those students who may encounter difficulty in learning certain topics during lessons. With smaller class size during remedial lessons, students will get more attention from their teachers.

At times, students might be invited to take part in external academic and non-academic competitions. These students will be invited by the teachers to undergo some enrichment training prior to the competition.


Roots and Wings

This is is a framework for inculcating values encapsulated in our Mission and Vision such as respect and leadership. It is woven into our weekly morning sharings as well as a weekly lesson that is dedicated to it. Click here for more details about this framework.


Key events are celebrated and always with a slant towards learning. These might be on special celebrations such as Kartini Day and Batik Day. We have also created events unique to the school such as Eureka Fest which enable students to expand their learning of Math and Science.

Use of Technology

Technology is ubiquitous today and in the hand of a skilful teacher, it can be leveraged upon to greatly enhance each student’s learning. That is the underlying philosophy for the use technology and we believe that just as technology changes rapidly, as a school, we need to be ready to explore and exploit new ways of integrating educational technology. Most recently, we have been delving into the use of the iPad as well as Google Classroom.

Inter-Disciplinary Project

Each semester, students will also embark on an Inter-disciplinary Project (IDP). These allow for the learning beyond the textbook and also the application of knowledge in more novel manner. We are also constantly looking at adopting different approaches for IDPs in order to further enrich the breadth and depth of learning.

Co-Curricular Activities

It is important for the school to expose students to a wide spectrum of activities. We hope that students are able to develop lifelong skills through the Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) and they can further develop their skills with external help in the future. We offer sports (such as basketball, soccer, Chinese martial art and badminton) and clubs (such as art, graphic design and digital & print media).


For students to learn basic life skills such as cooking and laundry. We believe that such practical skills will help them become not only more independent but also better able to make a difference for those around them.

External Assessments

This is a list of the external assessments that the school supports and generally encourage students to take in order to benchmark themselves internationally.

  • IGCSE, AS and A levels

Offered by Cambridge International Examinations. This forms the summative assessment for our students when the graduate from our Secondary and Junior College programme.

  • Checkpoint

Offered by Cambridge International Examinations. These examinations taken at Primary 6 and Secondary 2 gives an indication of the student’s progress towards the IGCSE.

  • International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools offers different subjects for which students could benchmark internationally. Unlike many other schools in Indonesia, our cohort of students are tested alongside students in Singapore and are therefore assessed more stringently.

  • Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) & Youth Chinese Test (YCT) 

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is international standard, comprehensive and authoritative testing systems. Students are informed whenever such tests are being conducted and offered the chance to sit for them. Our teachers will help orientate them regarding the format of the examination.

  • Ujian Nasional/Packet Exam

For Indonesian students, these examinations are compulsory under the regulation of Ministry of Education of Indonesia (Diknas). In 2016, Stamford School is one of only 5 schools in Bandung Indonesia that is authorised to conduct the Computer-Based National Examination (Ujian Nasional Berbasis Komputer). The school will support those who sit for these examinations by finding a tuition agency to prepare them.



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