Love in a Shoebox

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”
Brian Tracy

Article by: Miss Putri Anggraeni

Giving is part of our life as a human being. Through giving, we are able to practice and express love, empathy, sympathy and care towards fellow human being who are in need. The act of giving itself does much more than improving the life of others; it can bring positive impact to our lives. The act of giving can take on many forms apart from the traditional idea of tangible items such as money. We often forget that there are other ways in which we can contribute to others such as giving ideas, advice, attention, skills, time, kindness and hope. At times, our presence is enough to bring hope and confidence to others who are struggling.

Learning the Stamford way weaves the knowledge learnt in the classroom and apply it to projects spread across two semesters. In this particular project, “Love in a Shoebox”, our young Stamfordian preschoolers set an agenda to visit the orphanage as part of their lesson to introduce love by giving. Actions are a powerful teacher. We believe that children who are taught to care will grow up to be caring adults. This project is also to let the students develop a sense of empathy towards those in need and to be grateful in life, with what they have.

Such valuable lessons are important and worth spreading and therefore, the Preschool Department worked closely with the Prefects to involve everyone in the school into the act of giving for children in an orphanage. “Love in a Shoebox” was launched on Valentine’s Day. In a span of two weeks, we collected 100 shoeboxes filled with items for the children in the orphanage with contributions from staff, teachers, students and parents.

It is indeed heartwarming to have such positive response to our charity act. It clearly shows that our students have big hearts and are willing to share. By encouraging our students to give, we help them engage in civic life. The very act of giving will also encourage and help them to develop a sense of understanding and compassion in children. This may trickle off and spark their desire to learn more about and issue that touches them emotionally and drive them to develop useful skills such as writing, research and an understanding of their values.

We have chosen Panti Asuhan Bayi Sehat in Purnawarman as the recipient of the Love Shoeboxes from Stamford School Family.

On Monday, 27 February, all of the preschooler students along with some representative from the prefects, and teachers went to deliver and visit the Love Shoeboxes to the orphanage. We left the school in the morning and we were welcomed by Pak Juju and Pak Yanto the administrators of Panti Asuhan Bayi Sehat. We visited the baby and toddler rooms and our students interacted and spent time with the children in the orphanage.

Our students were excited and they do their best to interact with the children in the orphanage. Most of them got excited with the baby room where there are six babies residing over there. Our students interacted gently and played with the baby. Over at the toddlers’ room, they were even more excited since they were able to talk to them. The toddlers residing there were startled at first by the with the sudden visit our students but they quickly warmed up, interacted and played with our students.

After visiting them, we had a circle time to discuss what they had learned on that day. Amazingly, our preschoolers were more excited to share and voiced out their opinions. As Mellisa (Primary 4), a Prefect, said: “life is precious”. When we help our students to gain positive experiences of generosity, we are indirectly helping and setting them onto a path where they will onde day blossom as compassionate and fulfilled individuals. This is something that we strive to achieve in Stamford School.

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