Alumni Spotlight: Alexander Nicholas Sumarli

An Article By: Alexander Nicholas Sumarli, La Sierra University (School of Medicine)


Four years ago, I made a decision to migrate to the United States to seek higher education in the field that I am very passionate about. At the beginning, it was rough and lonely, but as I grew into a more mature adult, I managed to somehow overcome the challenges that I had faced.

Through the four years of my undergraduate study, my experiences have gradually transformed me from a foolish young man to an individual who is able to philosophise and understand the meaning of my life. Some of the most important experiences occurred throughout the past eight years of my education – my exposure to Indonesia’s poverty, my humanitarian experience in Guatemala, and my leadership positions in the Pre-Medical Society. From these experiences, I have found that it is indeed very true that life is not governed by monetary values, nor it is governed by gratification through earthly objects.

On a more personal level, I have discovered that the key to truly unlock happiness inside oneself is through the delivery of one’s passion. Ever since I was in Indonesia, I have discovered that I have been called to serve within a healthcare setting. Every single day, too many individuals suffer from ailments that can be prevented if proper healthcare is administered. With the skills and the mindset that I have been blessed with, I have been fortunate to be able to pursue and persevere within my undergraduate education in biomedical science. To this day, I am still in pursuit towards my ultimate goal which is years away from now. However, now I am a milestone closer. Recently, I have been accepted to the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, an institution that I will be committing to in my pursuit to one day be a compassionate, empathetic, and wholesome physician. I hope that at the end of my journey, I will be able to utilise my knowledge and my skills to administer hope to those who long for it.


Doctor-to-be Alexander Nicholas Sumarli on his humanitarian trip to Guatemala in 2015.

Looking back, I would not have done anything differently. Due to all of the successes and the failures of my past, I have been able to reflect on the choices that I have made. In turn, such reflections build a strong foundation in the development of a human being. By learning how to recognise failures and initiate changes, I was able to see doors that open behind me when a window closes in front of me. Due to all of these factors, I deeply encourage each one of my Stamfordian family to look beyond what is shown in front of you, to unlock your true potential, and most importantly, to seek your passions. Even though adversities may slow you down, I have faith in each one of you and I am sure that one day, you will find your calling, just as I found mine. As you attempt to discover who you really are, do not falter when failures come about. Failures are simply delayed successes.

I hope that this article finds you well and is able to motivate you in your pursuit towards a better future. I can assure you that each one of the teachers that you encounter is there to help you achieve your goals and find your true potential. I hope that my story can prompt you to think about your passions and perhaps one day, we can cross paths and work together in making this world a better place. My name is Alexander Nicolas Sumarli and I am a proud Stamfordian.

Alexander Nicolas Sumarli
Stamford School, Class of 2013,  Head Prefect of Year 2012


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