First Day of Semester 2

The day finally arrived for our students to return to school for the new semester!

Something that is not widely known, we teachers do miss our students and are actually looking forward to welcoming our students back to school! For students themselves, I think it is safe to say that most of them do look forward to starting the new semester and reconnect with all their friends in school. So many stories to tell!

We do see countless smiling faces and many students mingling with their teachers telling them their adventures that they had during the semester break. We also see the Stamford Scholars zooming about like busy bees trying to put up finishing touches to their planning for the major events coming up in February.

It is also nice to hear waves of laughter of students playing on the field during their breaks. I think the students appreciates the thick lush green grass on the field that appears to have been waiting to welcome them to play on.

We also welcomed four new members of our Stamfordian family in the school this morning: Akhdan (S2), Rumaisha (P4), Rayna (P6) and Hilvisha (P2).  Hope that you have a great first day of school!

The day ended on a positive note, and we hope to snowball the positive energy right to the end of the academic year 2016/2017.

Teachers and students, the time to begin the second half of our journey have begun. Let us work hand in hand, together as one to achieve our goals.

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