Preschool Seminar – Discipline

Article by: Miss Putri Anggraeni

As part of Stamford School’s initiative to involve parents in the holistic education of their young ones, the second Preschool Seminar was held recently. Our school counsellor, Miss Ria Ambarita Siregar was invited to share with our preschool parents on the topic of discipline.

It is our understanding that as parents we deal with a lot of things apart from work and tight schedules. To be honest, the school and parents do have similar and aligned aspirations for our young ones. We do hope that our young ones will grow with good character, values, leadership skills with good academic and non-academic achievements. In order to realise our aspirations, the school and parents have to work hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to discipline. Character building will be much less effective if parents simply leave it to the school to deal with it.

Therefore through this seminar, we hope that we will be able  to sing the same tune when it comes to discipline so that we can effectively build your child’s character from zero to hero. The journey is not going to be easy, but it is one that has to be taken in order to build good habits of good character building. Having attended this seminar is a good stepping stone for all of us.

Our Principal, Miss Fajardo acknowledged that being a parent is not an easy job. In today’s modern world, we have gotten too accustomed to instant things such as online shopping, emails, texting and etc so much so that it has in one way or another, impacted the communication with our child. So when we encounter siblings fighting at home, we as parents (mostly) tend to seek to end the squabble as fast as we could by possibly raising our voice or reprimand the older sibling.  The reason for this is often because we are simply too busy with our work. Instead, we as parents should deliberately spend the time to deal with the problem. Miss Fajardo mentioned that it is very important that we find out the actual reason behind the child’s anger and/or tantrum through a series of firm yet patient questions so that we can know the real reason behind the fighting/tantrums and then remedy the situation effectively. The additional benefit of doing so is that the child will develop a good habit of reflecting on their behaviour.

Punishment is one word that have very negative connotation to a child. Almost all children learn the act of punishment from their parents before they even learn to spell the word “punishment” and most often, being on the receiving end of the punishment. According to many research journals, punishment is not an effective way to discipline a child and we all know about it in one way or another. Instead, researchers have offered positive reinforcements on good behaviours as a more effective way of building good discipline in a child. What it means is that we reward the child for good behaviours in the hope that they will be motivated and repeat the good behavious. This tend to produce a more desirable results rather than punishments where it may affect the child’s psychology development.

At the end of the day, we should not be too hard on ourselves. There is no school for being parents, it is a job that we have to learn as we go and figure out for ourselves. It is possible however, to be on a lookout for good parenting practices and be more involved in the character development of your child.

Last but not least, let us put down our mobile devices and spend quality time with our children. Shall we?

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