A Dream City

Article by: Miss Putri Anggraeni

Every developing country faces the same problems: poverty, pollution, traffic, human resources, economic, politics and of course, education. After 71 years of independence, Indonesia still remains a developing country. Compared with her neighbours, the economic growth in Indonesia is at a slower pace but to be fair, we have made progress, especially under the leadership of President Joko Widodo. At the end of the day,  we are the masters of our fate, and we as the citizens are the one who will determine the growth and progress of our country. Stamford as one of the young growing school in Indonesia specifically in Bandung  is proud to say that we are in the process of developing our students, young Stamfordians, as future leaders who are able to identify and offer solutions to the urban city problem. 

Our passionate humanities teacher, Miss Mary-Jane Gacutan-Abadines encouraged our secondary 2 students to think about the problems faced by cities in developing nations and come up with the solutions to the problems they listed as a unified urbanisation theme. As we all know urbanisation is a common progression for developing nations and capital provincial cities such as Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya or Medan tend to experience rapid progression due to the movement of human resource seeking better economic growth. The people in the rural and underdeveloped areas have the tendency to prefer working in the big city with the aspiration that they can have a better life (better income) in the big city . To be honest, going to the big city without the right skills is not the right solution. But that is for another discussion at another time.


Yet, problems of an urban city are here, right outside our doorstep in Bandung. Therefore, Miss Gacutan-Abadines encouraged her students to focus their efforts locally. The students will have to do their research and come up with the best design to “a new city” that will solve the problems faced by the residents of Bandung and make this city the best livable city in the world.

In doing this project, our young Stamfordians understand that a good city provides all the basic needs for living.The students were divided into three groups and each of group are tasked to design their “Dream City“ that will make Bandung the best city in the world. Affordable houses and schools catering to the various income groups, a state-of-the-art public transport such as the MRTs and LRTs, renewable energy sources such as wind turbine and solar panel farms are some the ideas that the secondary 2 students have come up with. Furthermore, social needs such as a reputable university, hospitals and green spaces are also important. The students then actualize their vision of their dream city into 3D models. The result is a stunning and beautiful sustainable cities proudly displayed in the common corridor in school.

You should check them out when you are in school and grab a secondary 2 student to explain their dream city to you.