A Day With Our Grandparents

Article by: Ms. Putri Anggraeni

All of us always get lovely messages and wise advice from our grandparents. Spending time with them is ever exciting and fun! We all know in our hearts that all grandparents dote on their grandchild. The love shown by our grandparents is often as big as parents itself if not bigger.

This is evidently seen in our school on Friday, last week. Our young Stamfordian in primary 2 held a special class event for grandparents named “A Fun Time with Grandpa and Grandma” . The purpose of this event is to let the students have the opportunity to ask any questions about their grandparents’ life, such as their favorite games, food, school, best friends and so on. This event was held as part of the English Subject  “What was it like then?”. The students were tasked to find out the differences between them and their grandparents’ childhood through the various questions that they have prepared.


Happy and excited faces were evident from primary 2 students’ faces during the grandparents’ visit. They could not contain their excitement and were eager to start the interview process. Their teacher, Miss Caparas, had to step in to ensure that the interview goes in an orderly manner. It was a good experience to let the student muster courage and interview our grandparents in a respectful and polite manner.

The sharing session was wrapped with the visiting grandparents giving wise advice for our young Stamfordian that they have to love and listen to our parents besides the need to study hard. All of our primary 2 students listen to it attentively, especially when the grandparents mentioned that a lot of students prefer to play games on their iPad rather than spend their time with parents or family. One of the grandparents said that “You won’t waste your time doing something that you don’t love, so it does seem like they love the iPad more than their own family.” That sentence struck a chord in our young Stamfordian and makes them realise that whatever they say and do does have an effect on their parents and family. At the end of the sharing session, they made a promise to our precious guests and teachers that they will spend more time with family rather than play games on iPad. This was indeed one of the highlights of the sharing session.

After the fun sharing session, both grandparents and students were invited to have fun games in the soccer field. There are several games where students, together with their grandparents, had to work together as a team in order to achieve the objective.

There are three takeaway points that we can gain from the primary 2 event last week: Love, Sharing and Togetherness. Those are the most important things that we need to nurture and cultivate to live our life fully with our dearest family members.

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