Stamford Diary: 2

We have more or less, settled into the usual routine of school life. Students are getting used to getting up earlier to be in school on time. Happy faces were seen every single morning and that is how we intend to start each school day. With a big smile.


Last week, we have hosted the “Meet-the-Teachers” session for our lower primary and secondary parents. We had a good turn up for these session and we thank all of our busy parents who made time to attend the session. We hope that the information sharing session was timely, informative and beneficial to you and allows us to foster a greater Teachers-Parents cooperation.


The Stamford Community Taichi class is in full-swing with the first week lessons kicking-off last Tuesday and Friday at 4:30pm. Tang Shifu, our instructor, shared that Taichi in the evening is beneficial to reduce stress and induce peace of mind. Taichi itself is traditionally known as meditation with movement. Moreover, it is a good physical exercise that is easy on the body thus suitable for people of all ages. Please do join us on the next session on Tuesday at 4:30pm at the preschool area.


The highlight of the week has to be the CCA Fair. We have invited our instructors to perform the skills that our students will potentially learn during the CCA Fair. Also, we have invited our parents to the CCA Fair so that they can help their child to choose one or two CCAs. Having a good track record of CCA is not only important for college applications, but also in the holistic growth of the student. The performances was exciting and the atmosphere electrifying. Students were spoilt for choice for their CCA.

We look forward to another great week ahead!





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