First Week of School

The day we welcome our students back in school had finally arrived. It was really wonderful to see all of you back in school. Many of you have grown taller, prettier and more handsome!


On the first day of school, our Principal Miss Fajardo led the mini-celebration of Stamford School’s 7th Birthday. It is with this togetherness that we hope that we remain united in mind, heart and soul and forge ahead as one family to bring Stamford School to greater success.


We saw many happy faces in school as the students reconnect with their friends and teachers.


At the end of the week, we held the Preschool Parents Orientation and the Upper-Primary “Meet-the-Teachers” session. Though this sessions, we hope that parents and teachers can foster closer relationship and cooperation in order to provide the best education for their child.

Last and not least, we celebrated the Stamford Family July babies! Happy Birthday!


This week in pictures: