Alumni Spotlight – Darren Suryawijaya

By: Darren Suryawijaya Class of 2014

School was a place where I spent some of the best moments of my life. There I made life-long friends and began my journey of self-development. School was not all about academics – this was something I started realising further after I graduated.


All of the curricular-based and extra-curricular activities we partook in was a way to develop our cognitive, leadership and practical skills. Teachers are there to guide students and I was lucky to have some of the most helpful and caring few. They are like lamp posts on your way home at night: they illuminate and guide you, but it is ultimately up to you to lead yourself to your destination.

As we grow and mature, we start realising that independence is just as important as interdependence. As social beings most of us find ourselves destined to function in a society where we are part of a meshwork of dependence. The sometimes bothersome group-works and the occasionally irrelevant-seeming projects we were assigned to were just part of a much greater goal – developing oneself as a functioning individual.

I have quite a few fond memories of my old school days. The friends and enemies of your childhood often turn out to be your lifelong friends; at least that is the case for me. The joys and tears we shared, the immature arguments we used to have and our child-like judgements in the past turned out to be cherished memories which we bring up whenever we gather during our university vacations. We continue to keep in touch and I dearly value our long-lasting friendship as a class.


The biggest challenge up to this point in my life had to be the moment when I moved to Melbourne to begin my tertiary studies. I was enrolled into the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne and it was a whole new beginning, in a foreign land, all by myself. I had to be more independent and cope with the occasional homesick distresses, but I was truly enjoying this unfamiliar experience. University is challenging and I am constantly thankful that I completed my A-Levels. Two years of Junior College was a swift shift from secondary to tertiary education and I was prepared in advance for a number of university requirements including academic writing skills and scientific laboratory procedures.


Just as it was in school, academics are not the only important aspect of university life. I believe that balance is key for one to be productive. I spend time with my university friends, doing what I am passionate about and getting involved in activities which may make the community a slightly better place.

I enjoy exploring Melbourne and its museums, musicals and multicultural festivals. Melbourne is the city for wonderful brunches and I love trying out the different gastronomic indulgences the city has to offer. Occasionally I volunteer in retirement homes and farms which grow crops for homeless people – these activities are far from boring, they are actually very rewarding and you get to meet people from different walks of life!

Life in school and in university has not always been a smooth road but it has been great so far. We often do not realise that we may reminisce upon certain menial-like events in future, sparking our sentimental emotions towards our colourful past. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Editor’s Note:

We thank Darren for taking time to write such wonderful article bilingually – in English & Chinese – despite his hectic schedule. The Stamfordian family is very proud of your achievements and we wish you all the best for your studies.


作者: 王俊揚  (2014年毕业生)












  • We are proud to have you as one of our Stamfordian.

  • Immensely proud of you Darren! You write so well bilingually! After living in Singapore for so long, I still cannot write a Chinese essay as well as you. I think the Chinese Teachers did a wonderful job 😀

  • carolyn sulaeman

    Yang Yang you are a glowing example of what a Stamfordian is and we all feel very proud to have had the chance to learn with you.

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