1st Stamford Community Activity

Stamford Community Activity is an activity that is open for all Stamfordian Family members, which include Parents, Students, Parents of Alumni, Alumni and Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff. The main objective of a Stamford Community Activity is to know one another better and establish good relations with our current parents and students as well as keeping in touch with our alumni while doing an activity that we can all enjoy.

We are happy to announce Tai Chi classes for the 1st Stamford Community Activity.

The classes will begin when school reopens in the Academic Year 2016/2017.


  • Twice a week: Tuesday & Friday
  • Duration: 1 h 30 min to 2 h
  • Start time: 4:15pm
  • Location: Stamford School – Preschool Area
  • Fees: IDR200,000 per month (4 lessons)  (if participants < 10 person). If > 10 person, instructor fee will be divided equally among the participants (less than IDR200,000 per month).

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that is able to maintain strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic conditioning. According to Harvard Health article, Tai Chi can improve both lower-body strength and upper-body strength. In addition, when practiced regularly, Tai Chi can be comparable to resistance training and brisk walking. Moreover, Tai Chi enhances balance and, according to some studies, reduces the risk of falling down. Proprioception — the ability to sense the position of one’s body in space — declines with age. Tai chi helps train this sense, which is a function of sensory neurons in the inner ear and stretch receptors in the muscles and ligaments. Tai chi also boosts flexibility, which makes it easier to recover from a stumble. Fear of falling can make you more likely to fall; some studies have found that tai chi training helps reduce that fear. (Source)

Please drop us an e-mail with the subject “Tai Chi” to info@Stamford.sch.id if you wish to join this activity.

As this activity is conducted after school hours, any students/alumni below the age of 18 must have a written consent from their parents to join this activity. (Download the consent form here.)

We hope to have your participation in our 1st Stamford Community Activity!

(Featured Image illustration by Peter Darmawan created digitally on the iPad with ProCreate App.)

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