Murder Among the Mateys


DSC07894As last vestiges of the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, the second lobby of Stamford School was magically transformed into The Salty Dog Inn – the venue for this year’s Murder Mystery Party. We had a record high attendance this year with overwhelming response from our students.

For the uninitiated, Murder Mystery Party is a highly interactive role-playing games where the participants have to act out their roles and stay in character while they investigate and attempt to solve a ‘murder’ case through interactions with other characters and studying of clues. In certain stages of the game, participants were given a task list for them to complete.

This year, Murder Among the Mateys – a pirate story,  was chosen as the theme of the party. The Secondary Teachers were an enthusiastic lot and they pulled no stops in dressing up and acting out for the party. Refusing to be upstaged by the teachers, many students came dressed in fantastic looking costumes. Various pirate game stalls were set up  at various locations in the hall for the students to have a jolly good time at the Salty Dog Inn.


Mr. Egerton laid out a few ground rules before the start of the game. The most important rule he said, was to have fun. The Salty Dog Inn was abuzz when the game was started. Students rushed to interact with one another, to know more about each other’s character. The game stalls were quite popular with students where they had a chance to win candies by playing the game.

The spontaneity and enthusiasm of the students to act out their role and remain in character made this party really fun and a joy to be a part of. At the end of the game, students were given opportunity to present their findings and solve the case. The teachers were glad to see so many students raising their hands enthusiastically for an opportunity to present their cases. The best two presentation were chosen as the detective winners. Other prizes given out include Best Dressed, Best Actors and Player with the most Pirate Dollar.

It was heartening to see the students’ enthusiasm and confidence when they presented their cases. It showed how much they have grown and become more articulate over the years, Mr Egerton remarked in his concluding speech. The Murder Mystery Party provides a venue for the students to let their hair down and have fun with the learning elements masterfully weaved in between.

We are all waiting in anticipation for the next Murder Mystery Party!


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