The Rice Project Presentation


DSC07766The Rice Project was conceived because of one student’s curiosity about rice. During the usual snack time one afternoon where students were seated together in a group, one of our K2 student, Trevor, remarked that many of his schoolmates were eating rice dishes for snacks. This somehow sparked off a lively discussion about the various rice dishes that they love to eat. Having noted the students’ interest and enthusiasm about the topic, the teachers began a survey in their respective classes, which eventually evolved into an investigative project about rice.

Project work is a big part of Stamford School learning methodology. In this particular project, the activities were centred towards encouraging our students to put on their thinking caps and be inspired to find out more about topics that they are curious about and at the same time learn more about the topic and the environment. During their project work, the students would have gained knowledge and skills through their hands-on investigative activities and be able to respond to an engaging and complex questions, problems or challenge.

The Preschool K1 & K2 students had been working and learning about rice. The learning experience itself is wholesome. They are exposed to the process of planting of rice and had first-hand experience when they visited an actual rice field and rice processing facility. The learning experience is reinforced when they try to grow the rice plants back in school from the seeds that was given by the farmers. At the same time, the students kept an investigative journal to record the process and observations.

Their creative minds are set ablaze when the teachers posed a question to them: “how can they let others learn about rice?” They were split in four groups to come out with one idea to pass on what they have learnt to others. At the end of the day, the groups had suggested holding a parade, making others study their journal, holding an exhibition, making a song, playing games, as well as decorating a farmers’ hat (they were all fascinated by the farmers’ hat). The teachers encouraged them to carry out their ideas and give them guidance to actualise their ideas.


At the Rice Project Presentation, parents were invited and had first-hand experience in learning about rice in ways which the students had suggested. It was fun, engaging and educational at the same time, even for parents to actually learn about rice processing through the various stations hosted by the students. The students were all given the lead in all stations. They are the ones who have to explain to the parents about the exhibit/activity in their station.

At the end of the day, we were all treated to a sumptuous potluck lunch of a good variety of rice dishes  brought by the parents. We had a good time sampling the various dishes such as delicious Beriyani rice, lemper (glutinous rice), lontong (rice cake), rice salad, rice crackers, etc. Each parent is given a copy of the compiled journal that K1 & K2 students wrote on this project as souvenirs.

We would like to thank our parents for their support for this event and we hope to have your continued support in the next academic year. Look out for an even more exciting projects in the next academic year!

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