A Day with My Dad

Being a Dad is not easy. It entails many sacrifices. They are the pillar of strength in the family and children tend to look up to their father for their emotional, physical, financial, social well being and role-model. At times, the desire to provide better living for the family inevitably eats away a father’s time  for the family. This is one reason why, quality time spent with Dad is so precious and valuable. 

Father’s Day celebration gives an opportunity for our students to express gratitude to their Dads for their sacrifices and also their unconditional love and affection. This is at the centre of the Father’s Day celebration at Stamford School yesterday morning. The students were also given time to spend quality time with their Dad and build a stronger bond.

The program kicks off with Mr. Watson masterfully uplifting and getting the celebratory mood going with his masterful emceeing skills. Mr Irfan was roped in to break the ice between the Dads, with a fun game that involves everyone in the hall.


Mr Rully started the sharing session by telling his own experience as a father. He made it a point to spend some time with his son after work to dance with his son because his son loves dancing. Although on certain days he feel tired after work, he still made time for his son even though he might end up falling asleep. The time spent with his son will surely strengthen the bond between father and son.


Two parents have also very kindly stepped up to share their parenting styles. Mr Anand Thawani, father of Kushaan (Primary 1) shared that being a father means teamwork with your wife because prior discussion and delegation is always needed to decide on what is best for his son. Mr Thawani also mentioned that on an average, he spent perhaps 3 to 4 hours a day with  his son and we need to make the best use of that short span of time by communicating with them. As a final point, Mr Thawani mentioned that the growth of a child is something that happened really fast and it will never come back. Therefore if we can be there for them and participate in our children’s activities we should make a point to be there because we would not want to look back and regret for missing those moments.


Father of Reinner (Primary 4), Mr Ferry Lo, remarked that both his daughter and son grew up really fast and he admitted that he had little time to spend with them. Mr Lo similarly agreed that the most important thing being a parent is not to have regrets, because time cannot be turned back. Parenting, to Mr Lo, is like an art and some time in the future we cannot predict what is best for our children. What is essential according to Mr Lo, is to be supportive of our children in their interests. Mr Lo continued that there are sacrifices that needs to be made, but eventually he hopes that his children can grow up to be whatever they choose to be. Mr Lo concluded that what is significant is the present moment being present with his children and doing the best he can for his children.

What followed was an emotionally charged and touching moment as the children came on stage to sing for their father “Dance with my Father” and then approached them in the audience to sing “Thank you for being my Dad” in front of them. I myself were teary eyed when I see our students reconnect and reaffirms their love and affection for their fathers. At the same time, I am swelled with pride that our Primary Department is able to organise such meaningful event.


The students and their fathers was then ushered to the respective tables to spend some quality time with their children by decorating a cake together. It was a fun-filled moments as they decorated the cake which they can bring home to share with their family later. Happy faces were seen everywhere in the multi-purpose hall.

The Parents versus Teachers friendly soccer match was the second highlight of the day. PERSIB star Mr Vladimir Vujovic father of Luna (Primary 1) was in the line up which added to the fervour excitement. The students was vocal in their support for their Dads leaving the Teachers in the cold in terms of support. Thankfully the Teachers got some love from their colleagues who are not playing and also from the Preschoolers who seemed to support both teams. The spectators screamed in delight each time Mr Vujovic touches the ball. The match was intense and full of excitement. At the final whistle, the Parents were up with 5 goals versus 4 for the Teachers. Better luck next time Teachers!





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