Stamford Sports 2016

The atmosphere was definitely electrifying as the clash of the titans took place at Stamford School this morning.


Before the start of the games proper, we had a nice little surprise for our Principal Mr. Moses Sia. Dr. Peter started the event with a speech to thank Mr. Sia for his contributions to the school and how he has touched and inspired many at Stamford School. Teachers and Primary 5 students performed two moving song numbers that incidentally drove our teachers and our Principal to tears. Various levels presented Mr. Sia with their farewell gifts and wished him the very best in his future endeavours.

Stamford Sports event kicked off with a Cheering Contest. Each House showed off their moves and team work in unique and creative fashion to the delight of teachers, students and proud parents that turned up to cheer them on. For something that was choreographed and practised in merely two days, all of the Houses did really well. But surely, the performance of the Preschoolers stole all of our hearts with their gusto and cuteness overload.


The proper sporting events started with great pomp and fervour at various locations in the schools. Stamford Sports is unique in a way that the various sporting events are based on skills that students have learnt in their Physical Education class and that the level of difficulty are varied to ensure that students of all levels are able to participate. The sporting event began with soccer and badminton events being fought by the four Houses – Mighty Hawk, Fantastic Falcon, Amazing Albatross and King Eagles. The Preschoolers meanwhile, have a sporting event of their own with their parents: a jog in the neighbourhood.


All of the events were closely fought by the Houses with each members giving their all in the matches. One of the prime attraction was the Secondary boys soccer match which was always closely fought and exciting. Disappointments were bound to happen but the students took it in stride. At the end of the day, they remain friends and classmates even though they fought for a different House.


At the end of the day, a new champion emerged and the challenge trophy was claimed by the Fantastic Falcons! In the Cheering Contest, the defending champion King Eagles brought their trophy home once again.

At the closing address, Mr. Sia thanked all students for putting their best effort in the various sporting events and staff for their contribution to make this event a success. He especially thanked Mr. Rully and Ms. Yessy for planning this event to make it a resounding success. We certainly look forward to an even more exciting Stamford Sports event in next academic year!

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