Creative Cool Cat by Moses Sia

DSC06552Our very own Stamford School Principal, Mr. Moses Sia held a personal art exhibition this morning to showcase the sketches and artwork that he has done while living in Bandung for the past 3 years. The sketches range from abstract work to doodles and also street inspired pieces. Some of his work was created with learning intent element at the core such as those aimed at learning languages like Chinese and English.

The session started with a discussion about bananas. It was a fun, casual exchange, which was surprisingly informative as well. One of the participants, Ms. Anu remarked that banana flowers and stems are often used in Indian cuisines, while another participant Ms. Fera remarked that eating bananas is good for the heart. Did you know that you could make vinegars out of banana peel? Ms. Aireen shared that this was quite commonly done in the Philippines. This activity gave a taste of what the book Creative Cool Cat is about.


Creative Cool Cat is written and illustrated by Moses and it was officially launched today. The book consists of two parts: a section for colouring and another a guidebook of sorts to help us unleash the creativity that is present in all of us. All participants that morning were lucky to be given a free copy of the book.

Moses also shared with us how illustrations can be done digitally using the iPad, and this was both inspiring and informative. In fact, all of the illustrations in the Creative Cool Cat were done on the iPad.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Moses to find out more about art in general.

Peter: “Where do you find inspiration for your art works?”

Moses: “Not having any formal training in art, my starting point is often a random doodle. Sometimes, this has to do with what I am experiencing. It is also common for me to respond to what I have started with drawing and let it grow. Quite often, I am surprised by the final art work.”

Peter: “How has living in Bandung/Indonesia for the last 3 years helped your growth as an artist?”

Moses: “I still find it awkward to call myself an artist. All the same, I do find that the new experiences and people I have encountered in Bandung have opened opportunities to try something different.”

Peter: “Do you think that the fusion of art into education is important? How do you think it can be used in a Science subject for example?”

Moses: “Art, as another aspect of the human experience, provides another lens for looking at things and also another language for expressing our thoughts. By including elements of Art into Science, we increase the chance of making personal discoveries, and it might just engage some students better.”

Peter: “What will you miss the most about Bandung?”

Moses: “I enjoy Bandung’s pace of life.”

Peter: “What advise will you give to people who are inspired to take up sketching and doing arts?”

Moses: “Just give it a go. It helps to be connected with others on the same venture.”


The Creative Cool Cat book is available for sale. Please contact for sales enquiries.



  • It is a pleasure to participate in the art exhibition and sharing session this morning. I learned a lot.

  • Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your art exhibition.

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