Fun Station Excursion

One of the perks being a preschooler is that you do not have examinations to worry about. In fact, when their older Stamfordian brothers and sisters were having examinations, the preschoolers are out and about at Fun Station having loads of fun!

The Preschool ended this school year with the theme “Toys and Games”. In line with this, the Preschool Department has arranged a trip to Fun Station where our students can enjoy physical play as well as learn at the same time. This is also to reinforce what they have learnt in class about toys and games.

Our students have tremendous fun exploring the various outdoor playground such as the labyrinth, sand castle, circuit tracks, etc. Apart from the various outdoor activities, Fun Station also provides many indoor playground area such as tunnels, obstacle course, ball pool, slides, etc.

The purpose of this trip is not just merely fun and play. It is also an opportunity for our students to develop and improve further their hand-eye coordination, overall motor skills and directional/instructional capability.


The students excitement can hardly be contained as they explored both indoor and outdoor play areas fully. What the teachers noted with pride is that some of our students were able to overcome their personal fear of climbing and sliding. This in itself is a personal achievement for the student.

The flying fox was a hot favourite with many students stating that it was their favourite activity. Some of our youngest students in Pre-Nursery class such as Felicia and Austin were able to find courage to try it. Some of our students were also able to take a leap-of-faith when they slide down the black slide, which was leading to a dark place. They were able to overcome their fear of the dark through this exercise.

Our students were attentive to what the instructor had to say. They were able to listen and follow all of the instructions that were given to ensure a safe playing time. It is something that shows their growth as students.

Last but not least, the ride on the big bus to the Fun Station added the level of excitement for the students!

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