Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize 2015

This school year 2015/16 saw the launch of the Stamford Scholarship and Book Prize. These awards are amongst the most prestigious ones presented by the school.

They recognise the achievements of our students as well as encourage them to grow in alignment with our school’s Mission and Vision.

Eligibility to apply for these awards is based either upon excellent academic performance or significant service to the school. Applicants would submit a proposal for something they would do that would contribute positively towards the larger community. Selection is based on the merit of their proposals.

This year, we were able to offer 2 Stamford Scholarships, cash prizes valued at USD5000 each,  and 4 Book Prizes, cash prizes valued at USD1200 each.

The award ceremony was held in conjunction with our annual  Prefect Investiture on 12 October 2015.

The winners this year are:

Stamford Scholarship:

1Azalea Egerton (Primary 4)


2Tanya Gandhi (Secondary 4)


Stamford Book Prize:

3Eldy Alexander (Primary 5)


4Morenzo Widjaja (Primary 6)


5Melinda Widjaja (Secondary 2)


6Justin Raymond Ang (Secondary 3)

Congratulations to our winners!

We wish them all the best as they endeavour to carry out their proposed projects under the guidance of mentors from the school, and make strides forward in their aspirations to be leaders who make a contribution to their community.

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