Asian-African Students Conference 2015 Roadshow at Stamford School

On 2nd April 2015, Museum of Asian-African Conference cooperated with Stamford International School Bandung to hold a roadshow and pre-event regarding the Asian-African Students Conference. This is the third roadshow and pre-event after UNPAD and UNIKOM. The aim of the pre-event is to introduce the Asian-African Conference to the students—the history and the continuation from 1955 until now.

The pre-event was held in the form of discussion where the students are asked as many questions as they want to the speakers. There were two speakers which are Desmond Satria Andrian the representation of Museum of Asian African Conference and Nsikan Ekwere the President of Young Africa Ambassador in Asia.

Desmond Satria Andrian as one of the speakers stated that the future of Asia and Africa countries is lying in the peace which can be obtained if we live side by side. “Peace is something that we want since long time ago” said him. In order to create and maintain peace the International Organization was established. He also explained that Asian-African Conference is not an International Organization but we should remembered that it is the Asian-African Conference who was the first one to issue the freedom and cooperation between countries to achieve peace.

Desmond also explained that Asian-African Students Conference is the continuation and the output of the Conference in 1955. And this year the 2nd Asian African Students Conference will be held to discuss about the Global leadership and the issues regarding it.


Nsikan Ekwere as the second speakers was more focusing on the issue of “Young Leadership”. He said to become the future leader for your country and the rest of the world you have to prepared yourself well and one of them is through education. Quoting Nelson Mandela, Nsikan said that “Education is the most important thing”. He also added that to be a leader you have to know yourself and grow yourself. “The youth today is the leaders of tomorrow. You have to know the right thing and the right way to do” said Nsikan.

Nsikan also gave a brief introduction about Young Africa Ambassador in Asia (YAAA). YAAA was established to help Africa students to remember the value of Africa, helping each other and also to introduce to people about the Africa itself.

The event itself is the part of the pre-event program of Asian African Students Conference which is held in several university and school in Bandung. The Asian-African Students Conference itself will be held in 29th of April in Gedung Merdeka Bandung.

Rizky Rahman

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