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What People Said About Stamford School

All of the teachers and staff at Stamford are just like my family. I miss spending time with them. I will always cherish the unforgettable moments like the Science and Maths Day, Murder Mystery Party, field trips, and of course singing in my class band.

I’m a parent of three children in Stamford School, two in the Nursery and one in Primary 2. All three look forward to go to Stamford School each day. The teachers care a lot for them, even the staff know them by name. I’m most impressed by the teachers who communicate regularly and clearly with me on my children’s developments and struggles. It is definitely an all-rounder school which emphasizes not just academically but the wholistic aspect of a child. The school is very clean and surrounded by lush greenery and open spaces. No doubt, Stamford provides a healthy growing environment for my children.

Thank you so much for giving me so many unforgettable memories these past 8 years, especially for my last year. If it weren’t for Stamford, I wouldn’t be who i am today; and I like the way I am now. I wouldn’t have expected myself to audition for any school plays or join any competitions like the spaghetti machine or the storytelling competition. The me before would have just shrugged off any opportunity given. I wouldn’t also be able to speak english this well. Thank you, too, for the awesome teachers who have been my friends these past few years, who help me achieve higher goals and guide me throughout the years. Although stamford may have some flaws, I wouldn’t have liked it any other way. Thanks for everything.