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What People Said About Stamford School

Dear teachers, staff and all valued stamfordians,

I cant believe how fast years go by… I remember the day I sign up my son and daughter in Stamford, they are nothing but ordinary kids, but  It means so much to me that our children have a place that they treasured and welcome every day. 

The teachers & staff really nurture the special qualities in each and every child. You are able to see our child quietly blossom into their own unique being. It is a beautiful thing to witness and I feel so grateful that my children are able to benefit from Stamford learning environment. 

A life changing experience that they get in Stamford is truly impressive. How you appreciate small idea, how you make the parents involved and how you make dream become reality is “Fun”tastic ^_^

This is not only about milestones, its about the moments of treasure… Thank you.

Stamford has helped me shape the person i am today. I am truly grateful for the hard-working teachers that has motivated me to work harder. My experiences here are unforgettable and i’ve learned so much things that i could use outside school. Stamford has opened me to doors that i would never expected to enter to and for that i am unbelievably thankful for the supportive teachers, my friends and the people who has been there with me in these 8 years.

When Haidar was in a daycare in Kuwait, he was not comfortable. He barely spoke and did not have friends either. We did sessions therapy but they did not seem to work. Here at Stamford, he has made a lot of progress. He starts to speak English aside from Arabic. He has improved socially. He is much happier and confident. He starts to read and write – not yet perfect, of course. But it makes us so proud. He is even willing to teach his brother, Hamza who is in Pre-Nursery class! Thanks to all the Preschool teachers here who have helped him patiently.