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What People Said About Stamford School

We are happy that our daughters go to Stamford school. Other than school facilities and curriculums, we like the school projects. The school projects are not just collecting information from books and other medias but the students have a chance to see and experience it in real world. For example: Milk Project and Healthy Project. Next, the school event especially drama musical is very wonderful. Students from Pre-School to Secondary and off course teachers perform together. The most important thing from this event is not only the performance but the team work among all to make this a successful event.

Stamford school achieves the balance which most of us parents aspires to; providing a warm family atmosphere, whilst maintaining discipline, respect & assisting our child reach his full potential.  My son, Neil, has spent 4 wonderful years in Stamford School where he has been consistently growing,  academically & socially.  The teachers & the staff are amazing  – always warm & welcoming.  I am proud that my son is a Stamfordian.  Best wishes to the school and thank you to all the teachers and staff for their continual guidance & support.

Stamford, as my alma mater, is a place of many laughs for me. My time here had been both fruitful and character-building, and I would not want my experiences to be held anywhere else. The few hard times I went through are now remembered as nothing but bumps in the road, thanks to the great support I received from teachers and friends alike. Some say secondary school is where the transition between childhood and adulthood really starts, and if that’s true then I went through these years with a smile. As a happy chapter of my life draws to a close, I’m glad to know that I’ll be facing the future as better person than when I first arrived here. Thank you, Stamford.