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Student Essay

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
How might this old proverb be said to apply to the role of modern medicine in the world today?

What People Said About Stamford School

Stamford has helped me shape the person i am today. I am truly grateful for the hard-working teachers that has motivated me to work harder. My experiences here are unforgettable and i’ve learned so much things that i could use outside school. Stamford has opened me to doors that i would never expected to enter to and for that i am unbelievably thankful for the supportive teachers, my friends and the people who has been there with me in these 8 years.

Stamford is not just a school, but it’s a place where dreams come true. For in dreams, anything is possible, but if u want to make this dream of yours come true, you have to learn to achieve it. Thank you teachers for teaching me in this past eight years and for giving me the best knowledge any children could get. I will and forever will be a Stamfordian.